‘Lauren right… I’ve seen you on my Twitter feed apparently we have quite a few fans putting us together?” Kendall Jenner approached Lauren on the blue carpet. She had spotted her as soon as Fifth Harmony stepped out of the car and couldn’t keep her eyes off her, this was the case for practically everyone.
Lauren was one of these beautiful people that even if you weren’t into girls you could admire her. She was graceful, had a beautiful voice and was very smart.
“Oh hey yeah wow your so beautiful, sorry that was lame” Lauren blushed and held her hand out to greet Kendall. Kendall looked at Lauren’s extended hand and took it with her left hand pulling Lauren into her side
“Your cute your definitely not lame let me tell you!” Kendall was biting her lip whilst looking into Lauren’s eyes.
“Lauren come on we need to go take some pictures for our fans!” Camila looks frustrated and was practically giving Kendall daggers seeing her arm draped over Lauren.
Camila had what you could call a little crush on Lauren, she has had a crush since she first saw her at Lauren’s X factor audition and has never told Lauren how she feels, not even when Lauren came out as Bi.
Kendall was very much gay and loved the fact that every girl she wanted she would get, she wasn’t into sleeping around but she made sure she had a beautiful girl on her arm at all times.
“Hey before you go let me give you my number maybe after the show we could go to a party or for a drink, you know just me and you I don’t want tonight to be the last time I see you gorgeous” Kendall looked up at Camila and smirked, she could tell Camila was very jealous and could sense she liked Lauren knowing full well Lauren had no idea at all!
“Yeah ok sounds good, see you then good luck by the way I’m sure you will win, it’s not just you that’s got information you know!” Lauren smirked at Kendall pulling her lip between her teeth and winking before turning towards her band mates.
Kendall actually thought in that moment she had fallen in love, she wasn’t that person that gets caught up with pretty girls but Lauren wasn’t just pretty that’s the problem she was so much more..
“Lauren please will you pay attention to your band mates and the reason your here, not just so you can flirt with models!” Camila was frustrated, frustrated that she couldn’t ask out Lauren like Kendall did, she would love nothing more than to ask Lauren if she wanted to go on a date but was to scared to, their fans always wanted Camren to be real and Camila wanted more than anything for that to be the case, she wished she had the strength to tell Lauren and the fans the truth, she was in love with Lauren Jauregui.

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